Selected Discography


Pet Population “Superficial Plastic People” 2019 (artist, producer, mixing)

Pet Population “Snake Oil” 2019 (artist, producer, mixing)

Emily Thomas, “City” 2019 (producer)

Withoutside, Istanbul, 2019 (artist, producer, mixing)

Gianna Alessia, “Night Mentality” (producer, mixing)

Kaliné, There’s a Story Here, 2019 (producer, guitars)

Darius Christian, “Long Ride Home” 2019 (producer, mixing, mastering)

Common Jack, "Canyons in the Dark"2019 (electric guitar)

Common Jack, Degraw Sound Sessions, 2019 (electric guitar)


Great Good Fine Ok, "Easy"2018 (Co-writer, guitar)

Gianna Alessi, "Plan of Attack"2018 (producer, mixing engineer, all instruments)

Darius Christian, "Bright Young Eyes", 2018 (producer, mixing engineer)

Great Good Fine Ok, "Touch"2018 (acoustic guitar)

Emily Thomas, "Taste of You"2018 (producer, all instruments, programming)

Great Good Fine Ok, "Change"2018 (guitar)

Kaliné, "Oya Oh!"2018 (producer, guitars)

August Moon, "Flesh"2018 (producer, mixing engineer)

Dodge, 2018 Ram Online Branding (producer)

Common Jack, "Vińales"2018 (electric guitar)

Ben Kogan Band, Tuscaloosa Street, 2018 (electric guitar, background vocals)

Splice/Converse Sample Library, Carey Clayton Experimental Guitar, 2018 (producer, guitar,)


Teena May, Skin on Mine, 2017 (producer, guitar, keyboards)

A is for Atom, Last Man on the Moon, 2017 (producer, keyboards, drum programming, bass)

Mary Akpa, Unseen, 2017 (producer, guitar)

A is for Atoms, "No Signal" 2017 (producer, bass, synths, drum programming)

A is for Atoms, "Rainbows" 2017 (producer, synths, drum programming, mixing)

AFTERLYTE, Amber, 2017 (producer, all instruments, mixing, mastering)

Great Good Fine Ok "Holding You" single, 2017 (guitar)


Mary Akpa, "That Day on the Train" single, 2016 (producer, guitar)

Emily Thomas, "Call You Mine" single, 2016 (producer, guitar, synths, keyboards)

Ian Abel, Icarus, 2016 (producer, guitar, synths, drum programming)

SamplePhonics, Tampered Guitar Sample Pack, 2016 (producer, guitar)


Stephanie Rivers, Time Tells A Lie, 2015 (producer, guitar, keyboards)

Carbon Mirage, Cloud Hatch, 2015 (co-producer, guitar, vocals, songwriter)

Invisible Cinema Vol I, II, III 2015 (guitar, vocals, producer, mixing engineer)

Avidya, Acoustic Covers 2015 (guitar)

Emilie O'Brien, "Grace" single 2015 (producer, mixing engineer)

Anne Tello, Anne Tello EP, EP, 2015 (guitar, acoustic guitar)

Teena May, Circle, 2015 (mixing engineer)


Carbon Mirage, The Peak, 2014 (co-producer, guitar, vocals, songwriter)

Oak, 2014 (guitar, producer, vocals, songwriter, mixing engineer)

Maia & The Pilots, Taking Off, 2014 (guitar)

Cosmos & Cyrillus, Cosmos & Cyrillus, 2014 (guitar, vocals, songwriter, producer, mixing engineer)

Carbon Mirage, Carbon Mirage, 2014 (co-producer, guitar, vocals, songwriter)