Hey I’m Carey, I’m a producer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. I love helping independent artists like you create the music you’ve always wanted to make.


Production is much more than creating a track for a singer. It’s about finding the most authentic way for the artist’s message to resonate. I’ve helped dozens of independent artists realize their musical vision, grow their fan base, and further their career. Whether your a local artist or on the other side of world, distance is not problem.





Make a Record


with me


Play shows that sound like the record.

Grow your fanbase and garner attention.

What the artists I've worked with have to say


Carey is by far my favorite person to work with. Not only is he incredibly talented, he’s one of the most genuine people out there. Our collaborative process is really great. Carey is awesome at bouncing back and forth ideas , and not just on the producer end of things. I feel very lucky to have found him.



Carey is a wonderful producer! I came to him with four barely arranged songs and we worked together for months arranging, producing, and perfecting them (with him at the helm). Carey is extremely talented and creative, and he's a fan of all kinds of music, so he's flexible to work on a wide variety of stuff. Carey plays the guitar extremely well (which I took advantage of a lot on my EP), and he's also really really good at synth work and coming up with the right sounds for each song. Plus, he's a good, open-minded guy -- very easy to work with and really puts the music first!


Carey is an Awesome Guitarist/ producer/ and all around musician. His talent is one thing but his ear is another! He has the ability to tap into any genre and tastefully make it work! Making music with Carey has been completely organic and effortless. I respect his musicality so much and I'm so excited to continue making music together. HE KNOWS WHAT HE'S DOING. Carey is definitely one to watch this 2018! +++++ (and he's really funny!!)